HFSP Print ISSN: 2155-3769 Online ISSN: 2155-3777
Human Frontier Science Program


Launched in October 2006, the HFSP Journal aims to foster communication between scientists publishing high quality, innovative research at the frontiers of the life sciences. Peer review is designed to allow for the unique requirements of such papers and is overseen by an Editorial Board with members from different disciplines. We are happy to announce that the latest impact factor for HFSP journal is 0.886 as released by Thomson Reuters (JCR2015). Our congratulations go to the editors, boards, reviewers and contributors for their continuous efforts in making these journals a success!

General Policies

The HFSP seeks to publish those papers that are most influential in their fields or across fields and that will significantly advance scientific understanding. Selected papers should present novel and broadly important data, syntheses, or concepts. They should merit the recognition by the scientific community and general public provided by publication in The HFSP, beyond that provided by specialty journals. We welcome submissions from all fields of science and from any source.